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Press Room

Big Win for Run-Down Schools Brings Hope
Landmark Accord Still Must Be OKd by Judge in S.F.
San Francisco Chronicle, 8/12/04

Landmark Deal Reached for State's Poor Schools
1 Million Low-Income Students to Get Equal Access to Good Facilities and Textbooks
San Francisco Chronicle, 8/11/04

Bitter Battle Over Class Standards
State spends millions to defeat students' suit
San Francisco Chronicle, 5/5/03

Fight Over California Schools Raises New Issue of Priorities
The New York Times, 4/18/03

Reading, Writing, and Rats
Talks Break Down on ACLU Challenge to Terrible Learning Conditions
LA Weekly, 10/17/02

The Gray Rat
Blame the governor for no books, no desks, no toilet paper
LA Weekly, 6/28/02

Poll Finds Disparity in Schools
San Francisco Chronicle, 4/30/02

State tries to duck depositions in suit
Class action demands school accountability
San Francisco Chronicle, 12/9/01

School Inequity Lawsuit Expands
Access to Essentials Sought for Students
The San Jose Mercury News, 10/3/01

Schoolkids' suit likely to expand
Inequality in education is claim
San Francisco Chronicle, 9/21/01

Davis Feels Heat Over Student Depositions
Critics say state's lawyers bully kids
San Francisco Chronicle, 9/6/01

Warren Christopher v. Taxpayers, Schoolchildren et al.
Slate, 9/5/01

Gov. Davis vs. Schoolkids
High-priced legal team browbeats youths about shoddy schools
San Francisco Chronicle, 9/2/01

Davis' Schools Lawsuit Stalled
ACLU suit should go first, judge says
San Francisco Chronicle, 4/12/01

Judge Puts Davis Suit Against Districts on Ice
The Sacramento Bee, 4/12/01

Court Takes on Troubled Schools Lawsuit
ACLU Tries to Make State Accountable
San Francisco Chronicle, 2/8/01

ACLU Urges Judge to Toss Schools Suit
The Sacramento Bee, 1/11/01

Little Schools of Horror Cheat California Students (Editorial)
San Francisco Chronicle, 1/8/01

Gov. Davis to Students: Let Them Eat Lawyers
The Sacramento Bee, 12/20/00

School Districts Sued by Governor Over Problems
Conditions local responsibility, he says
San Francisco Chronicle, 12/13/00

Hard Lessons
Students without textbooks. Crumbling facilities. Rats. Spending time at Balboa High School can be a real education.
SF Weekly, 10/11/00

Expanded Suit Says Rat Infested, Substandard Schools Deny Education to Poor
The Associated Press, 8/15/00

The 'Mississippification' of California Schools
How education reform can stumble for lack of a clear blueprint.
The New York Times, 6/23/00

Mississippification of California Schools
The Sacramento Bee, 5/24/00

Rights Groups Sue California Public Schools
The New York Times, 5/18/00

ACLU Sues State Over Conditions in Poor Schools
Los Angeles Times, 5/18/00